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Feb 16, 2013 12:40pm EST
run daily operations. through our multi-year smart government initiative, we've realized both one-time windfalls and annual savings by selling surplus land, buildings and vehicles, consolidating offices, renegotiating contracts and bids, and changing how we buy goods and services. and three, we made revolutionary changes to huge budget drains -- closing a state prison as part of a wider corrections reform, privatizing medicaid and reining in benefits for public employees. in many ways, you and i have remade state government. our goal is simple -- make every tax dollar count. now many changes and cuts were desperately needed. state government had become bloated and inefficient. we will not restore those cuts, and we will not return to the old way of doing business. but efficiency alone wasn't enough to balance those budgets, and so we made cuts to certain programs that hurt, cuts that none of us would have made if we had not been forced to make them to survive. well, we survived -- better than most states -- but now we must ask ourselves -- what damage did we do? let me describe so
Feb 16, 2013 11:55am EST
govern. there is a narrative already been written for us. republicans will fight internally, and democrats will be focused solely on play politics instead of working across the aisle to find common ground for good government. i think that makes characters -- caricatures of us. we're not always going to agree on what the policy is. people in this room were elected for different reasons and oftentimes because of specific issues. i think we can agree that in the end, the focus should and will be on a better tennessee. howard baker, senior state said any time he was sitting across the desk with anyone in this agreement, he would kill himself to keep in mind that the other fellow -- disagreement, he would tell himself to keep in mind the the other fellow might be right. the other fellow might be right. tennesseeans don't want us to be like washington. but what principled problem- solving. -- they want principal problem solving. [applause] over the past two years, with a lot of progress in working together. we balanced budgets. it is critical but washington did serious about getting ou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2